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Your peace of mind is paramount to markmymind.com, so when it comes to purchasing our domain names, we offer a safe and secure method of acquiring them via one of two distinct and independent escrow services. You may utilize the escrow services of either or

is the preeminent domain auction site, on which are listed many of the domain names that are posted by markmymind.com on it's own website. Sedo.com also offers its own escrow service, independent of its role as an online domain auction site, and this is the area of the site to which the links to will direct you. Should you decide to purchase, the process is very easy and will simply require following basic instructions via the sedo.com link.

We recommend that you email to notify us that you are initiating the process via sedo.com's escrow service to purchase your desired domain names. We include the cost of escrow services in our prices, so the price that is quoted on markmymind.com, is the price you will pay.*

Alternatively, you may utilize the services of
is a well established third party specializing in online escrow services, with an emphasis on domain transfers. You may click on the link provided to access escrow.com's services, and again we include the cost of escrow services in our prices, so the price that we quote is the price that you will pay.*

Whichever service you select, it is recommended that you notify us via email at of the escrow service that you are using, as well as the specific domains that you wish to acquire. This will facilitate a timely and unhindered transaction. Thank you again for your interest in markmymind.com.

*This excludes This excludes the ICCAN fee currently set at twenty cents $0.20 per domain name as well as any transfer fees payable to the registrar of your choice. This fee typically will be less than twenty dollars USD.

Disclaimer: Although our domain names are essentially generic in nature, any issues or conflicts that the use of these names may have with the rights of any trademark owners of any identical and / or similar names are the responsibility of the buyer to determine, through trademark and / or copyright search and legal consultation.

Pricing: All prices posted are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer to sell. Offers to buy and /or to sell, are governed by the terms and conditions of the escrow service selected from those referenced on markmymind.com. These third party escrow services currently comprise of escrow.com and sedo.com.


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