A domain, it's just the beginning ... ... of everything.

Need an idea, theme or brand enhancement? Start by carving out a niche in cyberspace, and let reality coalesce around your newly formed domain identity.

Here are just some of the factors to consider when embarking on attaining one or several domain names.

  • Location, location, location ... it's even more relevant in cyberspace than in the physical world. It's much harder, and many times impossible to get "near" a desired location when that location is a unique domain name.
  • The Exclusive Advantage
    Acquiring your domain name not only locks in your "location" but it locks out the competition.
  • Avoid getting "shut out"
    Even if you are just thinking about establishing a web presence for some time in the future, attaining the right name now could well be a one time opportunity that should not be missed.
  • The Power of Generics – Own Your Industry
    Point your browser to such names as *peanutbutter.com, *books.com, and *loans.com, and you will see that companies who want to maximize their market share, use generic domain names to drive traffic to their own branded websites. Do the same! Whether or not you have an existing web presence, a generic domain implicitly asserts, "Our company owns this industry."
  • The Power of .COM
    The .com top level domain (TLD) designation not only commands a premium in the domain marketplace due to its scarcity, but more significantly, it lends business prestige to its holders. A U.S. commercial enterprise conducting business under a name with anything other than the .com designation will impair its credibility in the marketplace.
  • The Power of the Group
    Owning the corresponding .net .org .us .info .biz will give your company much greater control over its web presence.
    You will prevent the dilution of your valued .com name by eliminating the confusion caused by legitimate sites offering differing goods or services to yours, who use your name with a different domain extension.
    Equally, if not more importantly, you will prevent "copycats" who may fraudulently try to imitate your site and use a different TLD, such as .net .biz etc to do so.

Disclaimer: Although our domain names are essentially generic in nature, any issues or conflicts that the use of these names may have with the rights of any trademark owners of any identical and / or similar names are the responsibility of the buyer to determine, through trademark and / or copyright search and legal consultation.

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